Murray to Djokovic: "Which result would you change in your career?"

Murray to Djokovic: "Which result would you change in your career?"

On Instagram Live Friday morning, Andy and Novak answered the one question that haunts every player.

Every serious tennis player has at least one match that haunts them forever.

For Roger Federer, it’s almost assuredly the 2019 Wimbledon final, where he squandered two match points on his serve to Novak Djokovic. For Andy Roddick, it’s probably the Wimbledon final 10 years earlier, against Federer, when his missed backhand volley seen 'round the world.

It’s a fascinating topic, which is why ears perked up when Andy Murray posed this question to Djokovic on Instagram Live Friday morning: “If you could go back and change one result in your career, which one would you choose?”

Djokovic: “It would be related to the Olympic Games.?Maybe the match I played against you in London or Rafa in Beijing.?I lost 6-4 in the third to Nadal, I missed a very easy overhead which was quite typical of me throughout my career.”

Murray:I think I’ve seen that shot before.”

Djokovic:?"You’ve seen that in the 2012 US Open finals, you were a set up in the second set, I was at the net and you gave me one of your famous lobs that hits the satellite and comes back.”

Murray: “It was very windy that day to be fair.”?

Djokovic: “Thank you, I feel better now, but It was still a lousy overhead miss. But yea, I think I would say the Olympic Games. What about you?”

Murray:?“It’s a match against you. Which one do you think?

Djokovic:?"Well it must be the Australian Open." (Referencing either the 2013 or 2015 final)

Murray: “Actually no. Roland Garros.”

Djokovic: “Roland Garros, really!?” (After dropping the first set in the 2016 final, Djokovic steamrolled Murray over the next three sets, 6-1, 6-2, 6-4)

Murray: “Clay was such a tough surface for me throughout my career, because of the way I played it was the hardest for me to adapt to. For me it’d be my biggest achievement if I managed to win the French in 2016.”

Djokovic: “After the Olympic matches I would change the French Open against Wawrinka in 2015. The biggest highlight I have of that year isn’t tennis related,?it’s actually Stan's attire. Do you remember the shorts he wore that year?"

Stan Wawrinka's "horrific shorts" at the 2015 French Open-?Getty Images

Murray:?"They were horrific weren’t they."

Djokovic: "My God Stan if you are watching I hope you burned those shorts."

As it turned out, Wawrinka was watching, and sent?the Serbian a middle-finger emoji in the comment section.?